Mandore Garden, Jodhpur

Mandore Garden: A slice of fascinating Marwar history

Jodhpur is a city in Rajasthan famous for its many tourist spots. Each of them is imbued with culture, royalty and tradition. Among the varied attractions here is the Mandore Garden, situated just five miles north of this city. 

The former capital city of the Maharajas of Marwar, it was abandoned at some point due to the MehrangarhFort. This garden is a part of the huge Mehrangarh Fort grounds and houses the Hall of Heroes and the temple of Three Hundred Million Gods. One noteworthy spot not to be missed out is the Government Museum, which is a repository of old relics and artefacts. The garden grounds are extensive and have a high rock terrace, which tourists love. It is open to tourists between 8 am and 8 pm. 
Layout of the garden: The most striking feature of the MandoreGarden is the cenotaphs of the erstwhile rulers. These cenotaphs are a departure in shape and style from the traditional chhatri-shaped ones. These, instead, are styled on the lines of a traditional Hindu temple. 

The cenotaphs here are four storeys high and have fine pillars and a stylish spire, all constructed in red sandstone. Of all the cenotaphs, the one of Maharaja Ajit Singh is clearly the most impressive. All the cenotaphs are laid in the beautifully landscaped and maintained gardens. 

Not far from the cenotaphs, you will find the Hall of the Heroes. It is dedicated to a pantheon of deities and Rajput folk heroes. Sixteen statues of the deities and heroes were carved out of one rock and painted in vibrant shades. 

Another amazing feature here is the Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods, which is vividly painted with images of Hindu gods. 
The garden itself is very beautiful with several trees, lakes and a serene environment. 

Attractions of Mandore Garden: There are several attractions here which you will want to spend some time admiring. They are:
Temple of Three Hundred Million Gods

There is a Hindu temple in the Mandore garden with images of several Hindu gods with beautiful paintings. They number 300 million and are designed in the form of lucent and colourful images.

Government Museum in Mandore gardens

Yet another attraction in the beautiful Mandore gardens, the government museum is a treasure house of artefacts of this region, dating 6th century. As you ascend the hill, you will reach the city of Mandore, now in ruins, and its ancient palace, the Ravana Temple. This is one more slice of fascinating history contained in this region. 

By spending a few hours here, you will become aware of the greatness of the Marwar kings and their history. 

Attractions Name

Mandore Garden, Jodhpur

Spend Time

1 to 2 hours

Best Time To Visit

October and March


Sunrise to sunset

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