Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

Jaswant Thada: Jodhpur’s royal cenotaph

A royal cenotaph built by Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur, the Jaswant Thada was built in memory of the Maharaja’s father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II in 1899. It is the family cremation grounds of Marwar’s royal family. 

Location: The Jaswant Thada is built atop a craggy hill. Against the backdrop of the red earth hill stands this pristine white structure in all its solemnity and serenity. 
Jaswant Thada Architecture: The cenotaph is also the mausoleum of the emperor of Jodhpur. It is proof of the architectural brilliance of Indian sculptures. It is a white marble memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The maharaja’s mausoleum is made of filigreed carved marble sheets. They are very fine and polished and give out a warm glow of the sun. 

It is situated above a small water body about a kilometre from Mehrangarh. It has several domes and is all in an extremely peaceful spot. The views of the city and fort from this vantage point are superb from here. 

At the entrance of the cenotaph complex, one can see the life-size statue of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II seated on a horse, chiselled to perfection in pure white marble. The white marble strain continues down a flight of steps and brings you to the main cenotaph, richly adorned by frescoes, sculptures, pillars, domes and fine lattice work—all in marble. 

The walls of the memorial are richly adorned by portraits of several Jodhpur rulers, dating all the way back to the 13thcentury. On the walls, one can also see the lavish ornamentation and dancers sculpted. This is dedicated to all the queens who committed sati on the pyre of Maharaja Jaswant Singh

Besides the main tomb, there are three more memorials to other rulers in the cenotaph complex. An unusual and interesting memorial here is one created for a peacock that is believed to have flown right into a funeral pyre.

On the grounds, one can see several carved gazebos, a tiered garden and a mini lake. Apart from the Jaswant Thada, there are three more cenotaphs here. It also has some ornate lattice screens in marble. 

Part of the grounds of the cenotaph is an exquisitely laid out garden which tourists can explore. For all its singular beauty, it is called the Taj Mahal of Marwar. There’s so much history and mystique you can find in this one monument. So, don’t forget to visit here when in Jodhpur.

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Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

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2 to 3 hours

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October and March


9 Am to 5:30 Pm Daily

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