City Palace, Jaipur

City Palace of Jaipur is an ultimate place to discover the royal lifestyle of Indian Maharajas. City Palace Museum has a number of great exhibits surrounding a beautiful central courtyard area. The City Palace is an impressive mix of traditional art and architecture from Rajasthani and Mughal. The complex of the City Palace houses several palatial buildings. The City Palace occupies a wide area separated into a series of courtyards, gardens and houses in the core of the ancient Jaipur town. The exterior wall was constructed by Jai Singh, but other additions were made much later, some up to the beginning of this century. In part of the palace, the former Maharaja still lives. The City Palace encompasses more than one-seventh of the walled city region. It houses the Mahal Chandra, the Dev Temple of Shri Govind and the Museum of the City Palace. 

Mubarak Mahal, constructed by Maharaja Madho Singh, is the first building in it. It has a beautifully sculpted marble door on either side of this door with heavy brass gates. The' Diwan-E-Khas' or the' Hall of Private Audience' with a paved marble gallery is located beyond this door. The' Diwan-E-Am' or the' Hall of Public Audience' lies across a paved square with its complex Persian and Sanskrit ornaments and manuscripts. A clock tower and the newer Mubarak Mahal are also available.

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City Palace, Jaipur

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2 to 3 hours

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Oct - Mar


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